Master graduated (DNSEP) from the Bordeaux Fine Art school with special mention, we work together since 4 years. After few collaborations, we decided since 2014 to become an duo and sign all our projects together.
We keep all of us an artistic medium of predilection. Lot of projects come from discussions between together, but some of them are an individual intuition.
We work between individual and collectif. Our duo experience has been strengthened during our study trip in New-York (USA) and Winnipeg (Canada, Manitoba).
We feel that our collaboration is just beginning and we have so much things to do together.
We keep an individuality but we live art like a commun adventure where both of them find himself. We also have worked with many others artists and multiply projects beyond our two individualities. Between indidivual and collective, if we have to define our way of work, it
would be : 1+1 = 3 .

We like to think art as an adventure where each of us blossom among within our duo.
This adventure, we see it like an epic request, between Don Quixote and Bouvard and

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